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What works?

If you suffer from vitiligo you would have spent hours on the internet looking for a cure. The more you look the more confused you will be as to the treatments available. The Vitiligo Specialist Clinic will discuss with you all the treatment options, but will provide the latest treatments based upon scientific research.


The fact remains that anti-inflammatory creams, combined with phototherapy is the Gold Standard for vitiligo repigmentation, with a success rate of up to 80%. The bonus is that the majority of treatment is covered under Medicare.


Important facts on what really works for vitiligo:

  • The highest rate of re-colouring is seen with a combination of treatments, including anti-inflammatory creams, and phototherapy
  • Anti-inflammatory creams and ointments stop the body’s immune system from attacking the pigment producing cells
  • Phototherapy stimulates the remaining pigment cells to produce melanin
  • Melanin is what re-colours white patches of vitiligo
  • Vitiligo on the face respond better than patches of vitiligo on the hands and feet
  • Re-colouring vitiligo takes place over roughly 20 weeks, and once re-pigmentation has been achieved, there is a good chance it will remain in remission
  • Camouflage creams can hide your vitiligo during the re-colouring phase
  • Vitamins and minerals including iron, B12, and folic acid can help any associated deficiencies associated with vitiligo