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Who Should Get A Skin Check?

One in three Australians will develop a skin cancer in their lifetime. The fact is that if you live in Queensland you are at risk of developing skin cancer as we have one of the highest rates in the world. A simple episode of sunburn in early life can be the life changing moment. If you have had significant sun-exposure, work in a job that exposes you to UV radiation, have a family or personal history of skin cancers, or have multiple moles, consider having your skin check. A simple 20-minute check can be life saving.

Facts on skin cancer

  • Queensland has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the World
  • 1 in 3 Australians will develop skin cancer
  • One episode of sunburn doubles your risk of developing melanoma
  • Early skin cancer detection provides the highest survival rate
  • Removing sun damage can reduce the chance of developing skin cancer
  • If you have a new or changing mole- get it checked
  • Skin cancers can present as red patches, changing moles, or symptoms such as itch or bleeding in long standing moles
  • Skin cancer doctors use special photographic and dermatoscopic imaging to diagnose potential skin cancer lesions

Consider a skin check if