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Vitiligo Treatments
best vitiligo treatment
What works?
Confused about vitiligo treatments? This is a guide to scientifically proven and effective treatments by Vitiligo specialists…
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best vitligo creams
Creams for Vitiligo
The Vitiligo Solutions Clinic will prescribe compounded creams to assist in skin re-colouring and re-pigmentation…
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20 week vitiligo program
20 Week Vitiligo Program
Proven medical science to help you regain your colour, and treat your vitiligo. Creams + Phototherapy = Best results…
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vitiligo cover ups
Cover Ups for Vitiligo
Our expert make up team can help hide vitiligo using cover-up creams with near perfect skin matching whilst awaiting for re-pigmentation…
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vitiligo phototherapy
Phototherapy for Vitiligo
Narrowband phototherapy combined with creams can re-pigment up to 85% of vitiligo cases. Treatments are bulk billed under Medicare…
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vitiligo support australia
Psychological support for Vitiligo
We understand the psychological aspects of vitiligo and will help you regain both your confidence and skin colour back…
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natural remedies for vitiligo
Natural Vitiligo treatments
You may want to try a natural approach for treating vitiligo including vitamin D and phototherapy as well as vitamins…
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depigmentation for vitiligo
De-pigmentation for Vitiligo
This is the most drastic option in treating vitiligo – the Michael Jackson approach of treating widespread vitiligo…
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vitligo laser therapy
Lasers for Vitiligo
We have focused lasers for the treatment of vitiligo, including fractional lasers. Always try phototherapy before laser treatment…
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best vitiligo diet
Vitiligo diet
There are no reliable diets for the treatment of vitiligo however vitamins and supplements may help if you are deficient…
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suncare for vitligo
Sun-care for Vitiligo
Protecting your white patches from sunburn is important, as excessive sun can lead to worsening of vitiligo. We recommend La Roche Posay as the sunscreen of choice..
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