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vitligo laser therapy
Vitiligo laser treatment

Lasers can be used to re-pigment white patches of vitiligo. The most commonly used lasers include the Eximer laser and the Fractional laser. Laser treatment has the advantage of treating only involved patches of vitiligo, however they are associated with more side effects than phototherapy and cream use. Regardless of what type of laser is used, multiple treatments are needed to stimulate pigmentation in white areas of vitiligo.


Important facts on laser and vitiligo:

  • Laser treatment of vitiligo can be successful in some cases
  • Facial vitiligo responds best to laser therapy
  • Between 50-70 sessions of Eximer laser is needed to gauge success
  • Side effects are more commonly seen with laser treatment compared to phototherapy
  • Laser therapy for vitiligo is not covered under Medicare, unlike phototherapy
  • Vitiligo laser treatment is our last resort treatment for vitiligo, as other treatments are more effective, more cost effective and have a lower risk of side effects