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Vitiligo on the hands

Vitiligo commonly affects the tops of the hands and fingers. In most cases of hand vitiligo, both hands are affected. The use of cover up creams, coupled with hand phototherapy and anti-inflammatory ointments gives the best chance of re-colouring. Treatments are simple, and can be very effective.


Facts on vitiligo on the hands

  • Vitiligo is commonly seen on the hands
  • In most cases both hands are affected
  • Best treatment is a combination of phototherapy and ointments
  • Cover up creams can help during the recovery phase of vitiligo
  • Re-colouring of the hands can be more difficult to achieve compared to treating vitiligo on the face


Best treatments for hand vitiligo:

20 week re-pigmentation program

Creams for vitiligo

Cover ups for vitiligo

Phototherapy for vitiligo