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Vitiligo in Genital Areas

Vitiligo involving the genital areas is commonly encountered, and can be embarrassing for patients. Our Clinic understands the importance of treating these areas, and the psychological distress of vitiligo. Anti-inflammatory ointments and creams can re-pigment white patches of vitiligo in these areas.


Facts on vitiligo in genital areas

  • Vitiligo can affect any part of the body including the genital areas
  • Most patients are embarrassed to discuss this with their doctor
  • Specialists at the Vitiligo Solutions Clinic understand the importance of treating vitiligo in these areas
  • A combination of creams, lotions and ointments can improve genital vitiligo in up to 30- 50% of cases
  • Vitiligo involving the face re-pigments in up to 85% of cases


Best treatments for genital vitiligo:

20 week re-pigmentation program

 Creams for vitiligo