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Vitiligo on the Feet and Legs

White patches of vitiligo can occur on the feet and legs of patients. Most commonly this type of vitiligo is symmetrical and associated with white patches on other body parts. A combination of phototherapy and creams/ointments work best for these areas.


Facts on vitiligo on the feet and legs

  • Vitiligo can affect any part of the body- including the feet, and legs
  • This form of vitiligo is called symmetrical or generalized vitiligo
  • White patches can also be seen in other areas such as the body or upper limbs and the face
  • Large areas of long standing vitiligo can be challenging to re-pigment
  • Combining phototherapy with anti-inflammatory creams gives optimal results
  • Results may take up to 20 weeks to be seen


Best treatments for vitiligo on the feet and legs:

20 week re-pigmentation program

Creams for vitiligo

Cover ups for vitiligo

Phototherapy for vitiligo