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Vitiligo on the Face

Facial vitiligo is very common. White patches are most commonly seen around the eyes, and lips, however vitiligo may affect any area of the face including the scalp. White hairs maybe seen if hair follicles are involved. The good news is that face vitiligo responds very well to treatment.


Facts on facial vitiligo

  • Facial vitiligo has the best prognosis for re-pigmentation
  • The 20 week Vitiligo program re-colours up to 85% of facial vitiligo cases
  • The best treatment is a combination of anti-inflammatory ointments and phototherapy
  • The use of skin camouflage can be helpful to cover up white patches during your treatment course
  • Facial vitiligo is commonly associated with body vitiligo
  • Early treatment of vitiligo gives the best results


 Best treatments for facial vitiligo:

20 week re-pigmentation program

Creams for vitiligo

 Cover ups for vitiligo

 Phototherapy for vitiligo