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Diet for vitiligo patients

Vitiligo is a common autoimmune condition that can be associated with diet factors. Some patients who have vitiligo may also suffer from vitamin deficiencies and high blood sugar levels. Checking for these problems early is very important as treatment is readily available. Supplements such as ginko, folic acid and B12 may assist in the treatment of some cases of vitiligo.


Important facts on diet and vitiligo:

  • Dietary restrictions are not needed in the majority of vitiligo patients
  • There is no set ‘vitiligo diet’ that will work for everyone
  • Patients can supplement their diet with vitamin B12, and limit their sugar intake
  • Gingko, a powerful antioxidant herb can help in some cases of vitiligo
  • Phototherapy combined with gingko can work better than just gingko alone
  • Restricting acidic foods, such as citrus fruits and excessive vitamin C intake, can in theory help your skin pigment cells produce more pigment – a good thing in vitiligo sufferers