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Sun care for vitiligo patients

White patches of vitiligo lack the pigmentation that protects skin from harmful UV rays. Vitiligo patients must be extra careful in the sun, and take special precaution to protect their skin. Sun burn can lead to skin damage and skin cancer, and it can also worsen your vitiligo. Using a correct broad spectrum sunscreen daily, coupled with sun avoidance is very important.


Important fact on the sun and vitiligo:

  • Vitiligo sufferers do not have a protective mechanism called melanin
  • Melanin is what gives skin it’s colour, and protects us from UV
  • Vitiligo patients have a much higher risk of sunburn compared to normal skin
  • Sun burn can induce pain, blistering but it can worsen or spread your vitiligo
  • Vitiligo patients should use a broad spectrum sunscreen twice a day, as well as take extra precautions with UV filtered clothing and hats
  • Our clinic endorses the La Roche Posay range of sunscreens