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Product:Tacrolimus ointment


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$49.99 for 20 grams (0.1%)
$47.99 for 20 grams (0.05%)
$71.99 for 50 grams (0.1%)
$69.95 for 50 grams (0.05%)


Tacrolimus is a safe, but effective method for the treatment of vitiligo. This special compounded cream can be used in all areas. Tacrolimus is not a steroid based cream but has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.
Specialists recommend the following: 0.05% for areas such as the face, (vitiligo around the eyes and mouth area), and vitiligo involving genital areas.
0.1% for vitiligo involving other areas, such as the hands, feet, and trunk.
Re-pigmentation may take 3 months or more to occur.

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To obtain Tacrolimus in Australia, take the following steps.

1.What areas of vitiligo do you have?
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2.What quantity do you require and what concentration do you need?
cream tacrolimus online
3. Ask your GP to write out a script for the concentration and quantity you require.
Example- Tacrolimus 0.1% ointment by 20 grams.
4. Fax or email the script to info@myskinpharmacy.com.au Fax 07 3039 1583 – please provide a name and a phone number. Otherwise call us on (07) 3039 1589
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Our pharmacist will call you to confirm the details and process the script.

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