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Psychological support for vitiligo patients

Vitiligo, especially in darker skin races, or when vitiligo affects the face can be emotionally and psychologically devastating. Finding someone who can assist you through these hard times can make a difference in your life. Our clinic has a proven track record of treating vitiligo and providing solutions to help you emotionally deal with this condition. Cover ups, repigmentation programs, and working in with a psychologist can make a world of difference.


Facts on psychological support for vitiligo sufferers:

  • Sudden onset vitiligo or vitiligo in darker skin patients, especially on the face can be emotionally devastating and distressing
  • Stress can contribute or worsen vitiligo, but is not the cause of vitiligo
  • Developing a cover up program together with an effective re-pigmentation program can make you feel better as you are actively combating this disease
  • Specialists can advise you on how to effectively treat your condition