A: Vitiligo Solutions Clinic, Level 2. 185 Moggill Road, Brisbane
Phototherapy for vitiligo

The Vitiligo Solutions Clinic uses the very latest in vitiligo phototherapy treatment known as narrowband phototherapy, or narrowband UVB. On average each treatment takes between 20-60 seconds to perform. Narrowband phototherapy stimulates the melanocytes or pigment producing cells to re-pigment white patches of vitiligo. This takes time, on average 30-60 sessions are needed to see results. All phototherapy sessions are covered by Medicare with no out of pocket expenses to patients.


Facts on vitiligo phototherapy:

  • Phototherapy is the Gold Standard for treating white patches of vitiligo
  • Treatments are quick, painless, safe and effective in up to 80% of cases
  • Phototherapy stimulates pigment cells to produce melanin, in turn recolouring white patches of vitiligo
  • Each phototherapy session takes less than a minute to perform, and if you hold a Medicare Card – treatments are bulk billed
  • Specialists often combine special Vitamin D creams, and anti-inflammatory creams with phototherapy to provide even better results
  • Phototherapy works best on vitiligo of the face and neck
  • White patches on the hands and feet have only a 20-30% of re-colouring – even with the best vitiligo treatments