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natural remedies for vitiligo
Natural vitiligo treatments

Everyone likes to ‘go natural’, and vitiligo treatment and re-pigmentation can be done naturally. Medical treatment has a higher success rate compared to natural treatments, however approximately 50% of vitiligo patients do respond to natural combinations of Vitamin D, herbal remedies such as ginkgo and light therapy. Re-pigmentation can take up to 12 months, however success can be gauged within the first 3 months of therapy.


Facts on natural treatments for vitiligo:

  • Natural treatments for vitiligo are not as good as medical treatments at re-pigmenting skin
  • Most patients do not require vitamins for vitiligo, however some do
  • Some vitiligo patients lack vitamin B12, folic acid, and iron
  • Replacing low vitamins helps with your general health
  • The best natural method of treating vitiligo is a combination of vitamin D creams, ginkgo herbs and phototherapy
  • Phototherapy is covered under Medicare
  • Phototherapy treatments are safe, effective and quick to perform
  • White vitiligo patches on the face respond better to treatment compared to the trunk, hands and feet