Did you know that vitiligo treatment is covered under Medicare?

If you hold a Medicare card, the majority of vitiligo treatment is covered under Medicare. Everything from consultations, testing, and treatment is covered under Medicare. If you hold private health insurance, you may also get some reimbursement from some prescription creams.

How much does the vitiligo consultation cost?

Specialist Vitiligo Nurse consultation, assessment and management plans are available. Please call (07) 38713437 for prices. Specialist Dermatologist consultation are subsided by Medicare. ** Referrals from our Specialist Nurse can be arranged at no extra charge.

Do I need a referral to see a Vitiligo Specialist?

No referrals are needed to see a Specialist Nurse,
however we can arrange a referral if you require to
see a Dermatologist.

How much is the treatment program for re-colouring vitiligo?

95% of the treatment program is covered under Medicare. Apart from the initial consultation, treatments such as phototherapy are bulk billed, with no out of pocket charge for vitiligo patients. The cost of creams will vary depending on the area of vitiligo involved. With our Medicare system, treatment of vitiligo is affordable to all Australians. Please call (07) 38713437 for prices.

What happens if I do not hold a Medicare Card?

Check with your insurance company before seeing us. Your consultation and treatments maybe partially covered if you have top-level private International Health insurance. Phototherapy sessions are $55 per session for non-Medicare Card holders. Make an appointment today – call the Vitiligo Solutions Clinic at Westside Dermatology on (07) 3871 3437.

What is the difference between seeing a Specialist Vitligo Nurse, compared to a Specialist Dermatologist?

The majority of vitiligo cases are easily diagnosed and managed at a Specialist nurse level. Seeing a Specialist Nurse will save you money, and time. All consultations, tests, and management plans, including photo-therapy are bulk billed.If you would like a tailored treatment plan, seeing a Consultant Dermatologist will give you assurance that you are undergoing the very best treatment plan for your vitligo. Please call (07) 38713437 for prices.