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Diagnosing Vitiligo

The diagnosis of vitiligo is usually straight forward for a Dermatologist. Vitiligo presents as pale white patches on areas such as the face, hands, feet, trunk and genital areas. If the scalp or eyebrows are involved, the affected hairs maybe white. Using a dermatoscope or microscope, Specialists can take note of subtle signs such as pigmentation of the hair follicle, and this may help give a prognosis for treatment. In 95% of cases the diagnosis of vitiligo is a clinical one, and no tests are needed.


Important facts on diagnosis of vitiligo:

  • The majority of vitiligo cases are diagnosed clinically
  • Some cases of vitiligo are tough to diagnose, and a skin biopsy maybe required
  • Vitiligo maybe associated with other immune conditions, and your Specialist may order further testing for thyroid and blood sugar levels
  • Establishing an accurate diagnosis is the very first step in the treatment of vitiligo
  • The 20 week re-colouring program has a success rate of up to 85%
  • The earlier the treatment the higher the chances of success