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best vitligo creams
Creams for vitiligo

Creams are the mainstay of vitiligo treatment and work by stimulation of the pigment cell and decreasing inflammation on your skin. Specialists use several types of creams to re-pigment white patches. The types of creams and strengths we use will depend on the location and extent of vitiligo. Creams are best combined with light treatment or phototherapy for best results.


 Important facts on creams for vitiligo:

  • Creams form the foundation of vitiligo treatment
  • Creams include anti-inflammatory creams, vitamin D creams, and special non-steroid creams called immunomodulators
  • The type of cream we prescribe will depend on the location of your vitiligo and your skin sensitivities
  • Vitiligo in areas such as the face respond best to creams
  • White patches on the hands, feet and trunk do not respond as well but re-colouring can always occur
  • Combining the latest in phototherapy, as part of our 20 week repigmentation program will give more consistent results