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vitiligo cover ups
Cover ups for vitiligo

Make up creams can be a simple but very effective answer to vitiligo. Cover up creams do not cure vitiligo, but provide an instant camouflage for patches of vitiligo. Correct colour matching is the key to success. The Vitiligo Solutions Clinic provides a free colour match service to all our patients.


Facts on vitiligo cover up creams and camouflage:

  • Cover up creams can provide instant vitiligo cover
  • An artist who can accurately colour match your skin is the key to getting a good result
  • Cover up creams can be worn thru out the day, and taken off during your phototherapy sessions
  • The Vitiligo Solutions Clinic can provide expert colour blend and colour matching for your needs at no extra cost
  • Fake tan can be used for patients who have light skin types
  • Fake tan last longer than vitiligo cover up creams
  • Cover up creams and be combined with your vitiligo re-pigmentation creams