Welcome to the Vitiligo Solutions Clinic at Westside Dermatology. Our Specialist team of Dermatologists and Vitiligo Nurses diagnose and treat vitiligo patients all over Australia. We are one of Australia’s only dedicated vitiligo centres. We see an average of 30 vitiligo patients per day, of all ages and skin colours. Our proven track record of treating vitiligo will give you the very best chances of re-pigmentation. Using the very latest in re-colouring techniques and skin matched cover ups, you can be assured you are in the right hands.

The Team

All our doctors and nurse practitioners are Specialists in their field. We are a group of Dermatologists (doctors who look after skin conditions such as vitiligo) and Specialist Vitiligo Nurses. Dermatologists have an extra 5 years training in the field of skin medicine, and treat vitiligo patients on a daily basis. Our Specialist Nurse Practitioners have over 10 year experience in the management of vitiligo.


Consultant Dermatologist

Queensland Dermatology representative for Vitiligo Association of Australia Dr. Shobhan Manoharan completed his medical degree at the University of Queensland. He completed dermatology training at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, the Queensland Institute of Dermatology, and in the United Kingdom. Dr Manoharan is a visiting consultant at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and is a senior clinical lecturer with the University of Queensland. He has a interest in pigmentary disorders such as melasma and vitiligo. He has extensive experience in the management of vitiligo of all ages, and is involved in a number of clinical trials for new medical and laser modalities for vitiligo treatment.


Consultant Dermatologist

Dr Davin Lim is a Specialist Dermatologist with extensive knowledge and experience in the management of vitiligo in children and in adults. He is the co-author of the 20- week repigmentation program for vitiligo.His undergraduate degree was from the University Of Queensland; post graduate Specialist training was undertaken in Ireland, the United States, United Kingdom and the PA Hospital in Brisbane.


Consultant Dermatologist

Dr Tania Zappala studied undergraduate medicine at the University of New South Wales. She completed her postgraduate specialist training in Brisbane and the United Kingdom. She is published in international dermatology journals.Dr Zappala’s treatsvitiligo in patients of all ages.


Senior Consultant Dermatologist

Senior Consultant Dermatologist- Consultant Dermatologist- Vitiligo management in adults and children Dr Scott Webber graduated from the University of Queensland Medical School before undertaking specialist training in Dermatology at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Queensland Institute of Dermatology and the Mater Misericordiae Adults, Childrens and Mothers Hospitals.He holds a visiting consultant position at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.


Senior Consultant Dermatologist

Dr.Belle Cominos graduated with honours from the University of Queensland. She undertook dermatology training both in the United Kingdom and Brisbane before obtaining her fellowship as a member of the Australian College of Dermatologists in 1994. Dr Cominos’ sub-speciality interest in paediatric dermatology, including the treatment of vitiligo in children.


Senior Consultant Dermatologist

Dr Jones completed his medical degree at the University of Queensland, followed by a Masters in skin cancer research at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research. He treats vitiligo in patients of all ages.


Consultant Dermatologist

Dr Shiva has specialized in the field of dermatology for over 19 years. She manages all forms of vitiligo, including adult and childhood cases. Shiva’s experience both locally and internationally adds to the expertise of the Vitiligo Specialist Clinics.


Vitiligo Nurse Practitioner Nigel

Harris is one of Brisbane’s most experienced dermatology nurses, and is one of only two Dermatology Specialist Nurse Practitioners in Australia. He is an expert in the management of vitiligo and has been involved in treatment of this condition for the past 15 years. He has extensive experience in the management of vitiligo in all ages.

The equipment

The Vitiligo Solutions Clinic is equipped with latest in phototherapy – using computer controlled and calibrated systems to deliver narrowband UVB to help stimulate pigment producing cells to lay down melanin. This forms the basis of repigmentation.Additionally our formulation of vitamin D creams, and anti-inflammatory ointments can halt the immune attack of your pigment cells.

Our proven success

Our clinic has a success rate of up to 80% in re-pigmenting white patches of vitiligo using our method of phototherapy with anti-inflammatory creams and ointments. Vitiligo involving facial areas responds best to treatment – over 85% of cases re-colour. Vitiligo on the hands and feet don’t re-pigment as well. For before and after pictures visit our gallery.