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20 week vitiligo program
20 week vitiligo program

This 20 week program is designed to re-pigment vitiligo. The first part of this program is a combination of anti-inflammatory creams and ointments applied on a nightly basis. The second component is specialist prescribed phototherapy. Narrowband phototherapy stimulates your pigment cells or melanocytes to start producing skin colour.


Important facts on the 20 week vitiligo program:

  • The Vitiligo skin re-colouring program re-colours white patches of vitiligo and has a high success rate
  • This 20 week program has a re-colouring success rate of up to 85%
  • Vitiligo patches on the face and neck areas respond best, whilst patches on the hands and feet are more resistant to treatment
  • This program is tailored according to your skin type and skin sensitivities as well as your vitiligo location
  • There are two aspects of this treatment – Specialist prescribed anti-inflammatory creams, and narrowband phototherapy
  • Narrowband phototherapy treatment is covered under Medicare